Rubicon Ventures is now Granford

Granford news

Rubicon Ventures today announced the completion of a significant rebranding effort as Granford Inc, a worldwide sourcing and logistics leader. 

Previously known as Rubicon Ventures, what began as a manufacturer of smartphone accessories has developed into a global provider of value-added solutions in the supply chain, manufacturing, and sourcing fields.

Additionally, Granford has regularly and pro-actively assisted Fortune 1000 companies across all industries in navigating the volatile market conditions created by the coronavirus pandemic. Since then, a healthcare division has been developed to distribute products and supplies where they are most needed, employing local partnerships with US manufacturers and Granford’s strategically positioned distribution centers.

Granford’s new brand identity, logo, and name represent the organization’s expanded capabilities and vision, as the name implies a “great crossing,” efficiently bringing products from across the world to the US market.